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4 Common Mistakes in Website Promotion

4 Common Mistakes in Website Promotion

Unethical aggressive marketing
There is nothing harmful in aggressive promotion. Keeping the website alive by constant social media activity, interlinking, guest blogging and other known promotion tactics will always be effective if done within the limits of good taste. However, unethical practices like spamming and flooding non-affiliate websites with tags and links will obviously do the website harm. Blog and website owners and the general netizenship are not mindless clickers. They recognize good-natured and acceptable promotion from shameless plugging. Responsible marketing is crucial since doing otherwise can lead to your site being known for things you wouldn’t want your website to be known.

Bland promotion
The market, especially if it is a niche market, must recognize that you are human and not a mindless spamming robot. Therefore there is a need to make your tactics organic and interactive. To be organic and interactive requires knowledge of the workings of the market. You must do research on how the potential visitors respond to promotional tactics, on dealing with inquiries and also on dealing with negative responses. Blandness only comes from uninteresting approaches. To be bland is to strive for mediocrity. There is no place for mediocrity in a highly-competitive place as the internet.

Prioritizing quality over quantity
Putting attention to quality is never harmful. Only when you are putting too much time and effort over quality that your output is jeopardized will you must start thinking about your priorities. While you must allocate a considerable amount of your effort to upping the quality of your site’s content, there is too much data and content in lurking around the internet which may even be better than what you do. There is always the possibility of being drowned in the sea of information. Fight fire with fire. Keep churning out quality content in consistent high density. This way you will get more chances of acquiring incoming links and eventually traffic. Always keep in mind that our are promoting your website because you are, in the first place, not getting that much traffic, for your quality content to be even seen, read and appreciated.

Refusing to adapt
There are no clear and definite rules in the constantly-changing online landscape. Whatever your purposes may be, promoting a website will always require sustained effort, creativity, an unending willingness to learn and adapt. This is especially important since internet attention among netizens is reasonably low. Transactions and attentions can only be earned by becoming interesting at the get-go. Internet trends can vanish or boom within the duration of a night. You must always learn to read the ‘pulse’ of internet activity and ride every possible wave.

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