Sep 05

Google Fred Update Hits Low Value Content & Revenue Focused Sites

Google Fred Update Hits Low Value Content & Revenue Focused Sites

This time Google secretly runs its new algorithm update called “Fred” and penalized low-value content and advertisement focused websites worldwide. Fred update was large enough for many website owners and digital marketing firms to notice substantial changes in traffic and rankings. Google has not confirmed the Fred algorithm update, but they were exhausted of giving too much information about it. The only clue given to search engine optimizers (SEO) was that Fred targeted websites that were not abiding by the Google’s webmaster guidelines. How can you ientdify that your website...

Apr 21

6 Features That are Missing from Your Web Design

6 Features That are Missing from Your Web Design

As a business owner, have you ever been totally clueless as to why your website isn’t converting? Do you feel like you have everything in place, yet your audience isn’t following through on your call to actions buttons, and your bounce rate is sky high? There could be a few crucial web design features that are missing on your website, and adding and adjusting them might mean the difference between success and failure. Use this article as a ‘checklist’ to see whether your web design is on par, and which...

Apr 17

How to (Automatically) Backup Your Website into Dropbox

  As owners of websites, one of the more important things you should do is to regularly backup the website. Most web hosting providers will enable daily or weekly backups, mainly for their disaster recovery purpose only. If you want to personally oversee a backup of your website, you can do it by yourself using the Backup function in hosting control panels like cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin. As a webmaster or domain owner, you are responsible for this task. A good backup should have following criteria: Backup your data as...

Apr 16

The 8 time- & money-saving SEO tools I pay for (& 17 more I use for free)

In a recent interview with SEO and Credo founder John Doherty on Dan Shure’s excellent Experts on the Wire podcast, he mentioned the positive response he’d gotten to a post he’d done this summer on the SEO Tools he uses. He mentioned that it seemed like a pretty simple post idea, but it made sense to me that it would get traction, because John is a smart writer and marketer. As I listened, I was curious what tools he was using, and I took a look at the post. I’ve...

Jan 12


Online Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you know who Chandler Bolt is? If you’re an online marketing nerd already, like me, you probably do. But, if you’re    art of the other 99.9% of the world, who isn’t super hyper about this “internet marketing stuff,” you’ll probably have never heard of this man. So, what the hell is he doing with this headline on Business Insider? (here’s the full story on BI) How did he get on there? Is he rich or something? Yes. Yes indeed. That’s part of the beauty of online marketing. This...

Nov 18

How to Optimize Your Site for Google's Mobile-First Indexing Policy

How to Optimize Your Site for Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Policy

A little while back I wrote an article about Google’s intent to start using mobile-first indexing, something that they’ve disclosed a little earlier the same week. What it essentially means is that Google will now crawl and index your mobile site primarily and it is going to provide them with data and snippets used in the search results. This change won’t be rolling out to all the users instantly. Instead, Google will slowly test it to see how it goes. However, their developers are confident that this will allow them...

Sep 18


11 Web Design Trends for 2017

Are you ready for 2017? Let’s bring on the web design trends. The new year will come with plenty of new techniques and trends, but the dominant theme is likely to be a continuation of things we have started to see at the end of 2015. More video, vertical patterns, Material Design-inspired interfaces and slide-style sites will grow in popularity. And it’s not hard for you to make the most of these concepts. Here, we’ll ring in the new year with 11 web design trends (and plenty of great examples)...

Aug 16


Top 10 Free Online Tools for Start-Ups

One Internet provides a list of top 10 free online tools for start-ups. Dear entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, musicians use them and tell us which one you like the most. 1. Shake Law Shake law assists you in creating, signing and sending legally binding agreements in seconds. It helps you in drafting agreements such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, Freelance/Work-for-Hire Agreements, Bill-of-Sale Agreements, Rent/Lend Agreements, Loan Agreements etc. Link: 2. Pablo Buffer             Pablo Buffer assists you in becoming a better social media marketer. They help in crafting images...

Aug 06

Thomas McKee

How web directories aid building back links for business sites?

  [avatar user="tmckee007" size="medium" align="left" link="file" target="_blank"]By Thomas McKee[/avatar] Nowadays, technology is greatly influencing the business world has made it easier to access the internet wherever you are. Because of information availability offered by online business directories, more and more people are searching for local businesses online. Web directories not only facilitate audiences by accessing services, but also by allowing owners to endorse ventures on an international platform. These directories are a great tool for websites that rely on search engines to maximize their traffic. Submission of business websites to...

Jul 27

Thomas McKee Website Design

How SEO Services Help Small Businesses to Grow

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you dream of a big name in your sector? Then Thomas McKee can help you to grab your dream and hold on tight. You have to take every step very carefully in the world of business.  You also need to grow to outperform your competition. Thomas McKee Website Design can help to make any small business perform like a large business organization. How? Let's have a look- Thomas McKee Website Design Helps to Create a User-friendly Website- Setting up a business means you have to reach to your customers...