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Small Business Web Design: Get Responsive or Die!

A lot of people think that just because they own a small business, small business web design is the least of their concern. This is far from the truth because most small business owners actually operate from an online store. It saves money and allows them to carry out their business from anywhere. Having a good-looking, functioning site is crucial today.

It needs to look professional. To get that “look” which big companies have on their sites, you must have deep roots in graphic design. You must also have some background on marketing and creating your own brand. Unless you are a marketing and graphics design expert, leave the designing to professionals. You might spend more money, but it’s a worthy investment especially if you attract your target market to your website and products right away.
It should be optimized for both search engines and humans. The text, the links and the images in your website should all be organically and strategically optimized so that it sits well in search engine rankings. However, as any professional would know, it should also first and foremost be valuable to actual human beings.
It should be mobile-compatible, or should have a mobile version. Almost everyone uses their mobile devices these days. This is why it’s so important to have more than just the desktop version of your website. Your small business web design should have a link that redirects customers to the mobile site. The mobile site, of course, should be designed in such a way that it is easy to view online, from any type of browser. It should also have accessible links and buttons to make the viewer’s life easier.

It should be worth sharing and share-able. When your site, especially the mobile version, is worthy of sharing because of good content and layout, you will not need to do as much marketing. Your potential customers and page visitors will do some of the work for you by sharing your website with their friends and followers. Of course, you should make sure that your content is easy to share. Place accessible buttons to make the job a breeze for anyone who would like to share your website.

Be sure to make AMP friendly versions of your pages, to get higher rankings in mobile searchresult. AMP pages are simple, small files, that load super fast, so even people who still use 3g internet don’t have wait forever to get to your page.

Make it interactive. Forget about pop-up chats. That’s more expensive and it might even be buggy, making your interactions with potential consumers a disaster. Instead, include call buttons so mobile users only need click a button to contact a live person.


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Thomas McKee Website Design

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