Thomas P. McKee

I am Thomas P. McKee, an information technology professional (i.e. geek) currently residing in Springfield, MO. I love working with Internet scale projects that have potential to change how we use technology every single day.

I own Fusion Website Design, LLC., a Website Design company and bio-informatics / data exploration software vendor. Most of my side projects can be found under my consulting company, Fusion Internet Group.

I am an experienced designer and an expert on usability and accessibility and using design to communicate clear marketing messages. I also regularly train fellow business people and budding entrepreneurs in social media, blogging, the principles of good website design, creating effective email newsletters, and improving their online reputation. My mission is to "clean up the internet" and empower clients to represent and promote themselves in a way they can be proud of.

I am in constant self development and always on the look out for my next amazing project.

I am a person who is willing to learn and adapts quickly. I am keen to design and security. I believe in the core principles of Open Source and support it. I have a minimalistic approach to design and usability. Simplicity is beauty, they say.

I am constantly inspired by the artworks of 60s and 70s jazz vinyls. Especially, the records that Blue Note released during that time are close to my heart. I love their simple and plain, but at the same time rich, typography heavy look.

If you would like to work with me, see if I can enhance your web presence, or if you have any other inquiries...