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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website in 2015

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

Not very long ago, there were not many mobile-friendly websites available on the Internet. The web was a peaceful place back then, restricted to appearance of these e-platforms on desktops and laptops only. And then, suddenly, a mobile era suddenly erupted. Net surfers and Internet diggers soon started shifting gears to affordable smartphones and tablet PCs instead of being busy on costly desktops and laptops. The latter devices were almost thrown out of the window and mobile devices brought in.

Today, very few people can abstain themselves from this mobile mania, which is why every website owner should and must make his site mobile-friendly. This criterion is fast becoming an inevitable aspect of every site, not just because it can make viewing and navigation easy, but also because major search engines are accepting it as a ranking signal now.

This means, search engine rank of a website will depend on the level of its mobile-friendliness. For instance, this year, Google is all set to adjust its algorithm in such a way that it will show more mobile optimized sites with multi-screen content for relevant searches, than other websites. The same applies to mobile apps as well. Content from indexed apps are becoming more prominent in search results than those from non-indexed apps. And, this is a huge thing for Search Engine Optimization experts who struggle hard to bring websites into prominence on Search Engine Result Pages.

But, it would be fruitful to know that a mobile-friendly site is very different from a responsive site. Mobile-friendliness does not mean that websites are just compatible with any mobile device existing. Instead, such sites are discrete entities, all together, designed especially for smaller screens and with smooth, simple navigation and very precise, relevant content. Web designers create such sites keeping in mind the Internet surfing behavior of mobile phone users; they hate to spend a long time looking for information on websites. What they need is crisp content, which is easy to grab and uncomplicated to surmise. Anything less will simply chase them away.

Okay, forget about Search Engine Optimization, the rising popularity of mobile Internet, and even the great mobile mania which you have to satiate so badly in 2015. Think about the other aspects. Is it not an inexpensive option? Crafting out a mobile site is not a very time-consuming process and it is relatively cheap. Also, the GPS is a wonderful technology that lets users discover a lot of things, including services and businesses. So, if your business lacks such a site, it might be far away from potential customers, too. And then, there are other beneficial options like the 2D bar code that comes packed with such sites.

The biggest reason is that of making a great user experience possible. And, are not all social networking sites doing great? Is your site not being talked about every day on such platforms? What if a person stumbles upon your site and wishes to view it on his mobile screen? Would you not make his experience a grand one by offering him an explicit, mobile-friendly website? Think about it.

Manish Sethia is the CEO of, and a regular content contributor at Esolz Technologies, a premier web design and digital marketing company providing first class services for mobile-friendly website design and development. If you wish to avail the services of the company, please visit the official website or call for help at +91 33 32544251.


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