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6 SEO Strategies for Website Success

6 SEO Strategies for Website Success

Although search engine optimization is not new, SEO is more important than ever. Indeed, if you do not have your site optimized, then you won’t receive much traffic from the search engines. Your website can live or die based on search, and how you respond will profoundly impact your bottom line.

Your Scope

What is the subject of your website? It is essential that it has a relatively narrow focus on a single topic. For instance, if you cover the automotive sector, where the field is vast, you can concentrate on classic cars, new cars, car reviews or a particular brand, such as Kia or Buick.

Narrowing your focus can help you stand out. That is especially important when you are launching a new site and are going up against some big-time players.

Keywords Matter

You know which keywords are essential to your business; you should identify them and use them frequently. That means making a list of those keywords with the intent of succeeding with each one.

Use keywords everywhere: in your titles, headings, within your articles, on the sidebar of your website, in the “alt” tags, the website’s description, you name it. Of course, you do not want to stuff them, and that is why it is important that you use each one, but balance them out throughout your website. Use variations on a preferred keyword theme too. For instance, if your site is about “used cars,” use might also use such terms as “pre-owned vehicles” and “certified pre-owned cars.”

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